The Golf Fitness Program is tailored for you and targeted at improving your golf. It will also provide pain relief and prevent injury allowing you to practice to a higher standard, play as much as you want and enjoy this great game as well as the rest of your life in a strong and supple body.

To give you a you an idea of how physical training can help your golf game, watch this 3min video on the PGA Golf Performance Program where Scott Williams of Ocean Fitness is head of Strength & Conditioning as well as lecturer to the diploma program that these budding tour players are currently undertaking. You can book with Scott at the PGA @ Sandhurst Tue-Thur or at Ocean Fitness Sorrento Monday’s & Friday’s:

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Coaches and students of the PGA golf performance program share their experiences

Exercise Physiologist Scott Williams explains golf fitness during a seminar in 2014:

How it works

As any fitness program should, you’ll begin with an assessment and analysis of what is most important for your body and your game. A video of your golf swing with input from your PGA teaching professional is highly valuable. Also bring along and scans or reports regarding injury or surgery that is currently relevant to how your body feels or functions. After a brief discussion you will receive a physical screening to determine any weak or tight zones in your body that have acted as limitations to your golf performance. Now knowing what your main priorities are you’ll receive an exercise program designed exactly for you and your golf.

Exercise science states that best physical improvements are realised when exercise programs are updated every 6 to 8 weeks so that the body is challenged to keep adapting. Once you have 3 or 4 programs in your arsenal you can continue to rotate those programs in order to achieve this.

So where do you perform these exercises? Some golfers are well-equipped with a home gym to undertake exercise at home, some are members of a gym and can undertake the program there. You also have the option to attend small group training (maximum of 4 clients) at Ocean Fitness. These sessions allow for supervised, individualised training where your golf-specific program can be continually progressed and adapted to suit your needs. In these sessions your program will be augmented with Equipment Pilates-based movements and stretches for increased improvement.

Enjoy the game even more!

Scott Williams

Exercise Physiologist

Consultant to PGA of Australia & several international associations and institutes

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