COVID-19 - Any symptoms? Cancel your booking via your email link.

If it is within 24hrs - call 03 5984 0081 and leave a phone message.



Ocean Fitness COVID-Safe

A summary for our clients during COVID-19 Pandemic

Please familiarise yourself with the following:

For All:
Any symptoms - cancel your booking via your email link - if it is within 24hrs - call and leave a phone message.

For Clients:

1. Must have a booking to enter the clinic - and must control your own bookings via email link you receive when you make a booking. If you don't have an email confirmation for the session, you are not booked in. We no longer have reception staff, we don't have time for re-bookings at the end of the sessions, this will also limit face to face contact time. This is the biggest change! Use our facebook page or website to access online bookings - it's very easy!


2. Hand sanitizer upon entry


3. New ‘bag on hooks’ storage of belongings – pigeon holes removed.


4. Surface wipes used on equipment end of usage


5. Programs and sign-off sheets in plastic pockets – wiped before returned to filing cabinet


6. Clean and dirty pens container


7. Bring your own water bottles


For Us

1. Additional cleaning routine at end of shift


2. Additional cleaning at end of session, equipment, cups, towels oil bottles


3. Additional safety measures for massage and training


4. Adjustments to roster and class timetable to create more space


5. Masks and gloves for massage


6. Masks, gloves and goggles for cleaning end of shift