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Strengthen your core

Pilates improves your body's weak and tight zones.
Rid your body of pain and stiffness.

About Pilates


Originally developed by legendary physical trainer Joseph H Pilates in the 1920’s, the Pilates Method is a series of approximately 900 exercises performed across a wide range of specifically designed exercise equipment.

The core values of Pilates are

Centering – Alignment – Breathing – Control – Precision – Relaxation – Flowing Movement


Pilates focuses on all the abdominal groups, pelvic floor, lower back musculature, shoulder blades, hip and backside muscles. This dramatically improves strength, flexibility, posture and coordination.

At Ocean Fitness, in addition to the time-honored traditional pilates method we are guided by the latest evidence-based exercise science to provide you with the most effective Pilates instruction possible. There is much we have learned in recent years and we aim to continue learning in our field in order to give you the best training experience possible.

Timetable - Equipment Pilates

Please note: Our timetable changes over the summer period to accommodate the increase in population on the Peninsula.

Please refer to the current timetable below.

Current Timetable

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